Black Friday Deals on Xbox One!


Rather than purchasing your console on launch date, you may be able to get a cheap Xbox One on Black Friday (Nov 29th, 2013), if you’re willing to wait.

Black friday specials usually span a few days. So, if you need to buy on launch date, hold off on a kinect or an additional controller for 7 days or so and you may be able to get them much cheaper.

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It’s Official: Xbox One is Upgrading their Specs!

Upgrade is Official!

The official word hit the streets yesterday that Xbox One will be upgrading it’s specs before it’s launch date. So far it’s only been mentioned that the GPU speed will be increased (from 800 MHz to 853 MHz) but we’re hoping that Microsoft will announce more changes by Gamescon 2013.

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Microsoft Upgrading the Specs on the Xbox One?

Spec Upgrade Rumours True?

It appears as though Microsoft may be making a few more changes to the Xbox One before they officially release the console this fall. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a console manufacturer do this after an E3 reveal, but it might make sense especially since the retail price is going to be higher than the PS4 which comes out very soon as well.

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